Lost In The Fog

Running is how I clear my head. Today, after a morning of fun with my two boys, I headed out from my new home in Lytham, to Windemere. I was praying for a break in the mist and a passing of the rain so that I could explore the top of Orrest Head and beyond […]

That feeling.

You know that feeling where you’re flying along, just out of the achy-legs-just-getting-going feeling, and before the hope-I-don’t-blow-up-because-I’m-miles-from-home feeling? That feeling where every step is light and easy. That feeling where you’re skilfully navigating a path through sandy brush grass, around thick thistles and along winding gritty trail paths, thinking on your feet but not […]

Got lost!

Two things got lost recently. My new Nathan Sports Handheld Insulated Race Bottle, in the post, and Me, at the Lakeland Trails Half Marathon this weekend – proper write up to follow. Also, this weekend, I’m heading out with WTR again and will try to write that up asap too! Maybe doing RTTK in two […]

Wild Trail Runners – Leatherhead 20km

I always lay out my kit beforehand, it makes for an easier morning, a more organised brain and a less hectic process. I played guitar for Sid Batham (check him out, trust me) at Brighton’s The Great Escape festival last night, returned home, rechecked my kit and crawled into bed, ears ringing at 2am. My brain is programmed […]

Holcombe Howler 42: CANCELLED!

We are gutted to be looking at pulling the Holcombe Howler due to only having 30 runners, especially after putting many hours and a lot of money into it however, without the numbers on the start line, our hand is kind of forced due to costs of the event. However, we do have 2 successful […]