Lost In The Fog

Running is how I clear my head. Today, after a morning of fun with my two boys, I headed out from my new home in Lytham, to Windemere. I was praying for a break in the mist and a passing of the rain so that I could explore the top of Orrest Head and beyond [...]


That feeling.

You know that feeling where you're flying along, just out of the achy-legs-just-getting-going feeling, and before the hope-I-don't-blow-up-because-I'm-miles-from-home feeling? That feeling where every step is light and easy. That feeling where you're skilfully navigating a path through sandy brush grass, around thick thistles and along winding gritty trail paths, thinking on your feet but not [...]

Got lost!

Two things got lost recently. My new Nathan Sports Handheld Insulated Race Bottle, in the post, and Me, at the Lakeland Trails Half Marathon this weekend - proper write up to follow. Also, this weekend, I'm heading out with WTR again and will try to write that up asap too! Maybe doing RTTK in two [...]