Back from the brink…

Injury is not only painful, it’s annoying – right when you think you’re nailing it..

So, I went too hard.

On the edge, in the dark.

If you’ve been following my Strava data you’ll see that in the first week of January, newly enthused about #MWTCR and FKTs and all this Barkley Marathons talk, I clocked over 60 miles. Waaaay too many for someone just starting out on their Ultra/Marathon journey.

So, I have been sidelined this week by shin, calf, and heel injuries.

I have had shin splints before, I’m not too worried by them and I can usually fend them off with icing, rest, and grass-based mileage. Calf injuries are easy; stretch, foam roll, stretch, foam roll, avoid running hills (Oops, check Wednesday’s hill session). PF is new to me, PLANTIR FASCIITIS? PLANTER FASHYITUS? All I know is that it hurts downhill and needs compression and icing to subside the sharpness.

Today, however, I was able to clock some miles out on the grassy-fields on Harrow Hill, before dawn, with my headtorch, and my energy gels/bars/tablets. It felt like real training again. After a week (okay, 6 days) off, I struggled to get to my usual 4:40/km pace but pushed hard on one particular section in order to clock at least 1 mile in the sub-5 world.

I’m back – and I’m not going away!


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