Days off

I hate days off. They always feel like a waste of time – but think about it, if your job is to build houses, you wake up early on a Monday, get to builders merchant, pick up supplies, head to the site, do whatever work needs doing and then head home.. and at the end of the week – the weekend is your rest time.

I have a hard time with this concept because, unlike regularly-employed people, I am part-freelance, part-time employed, and naturally creative-thinking. I haven’t been tied to a desk since Jan 2016 and have enjoyed the freedom and elasticity that comes with working from home, from the church office, from a coffee shop, over email, and on location doing music, video, teaching, or whatever else pops up. I don’t get a weekend. Ever.

This is part of the reason that rest days are hard to stomach, they feel like wasted hours. Today, for example, I dropped my son off at nursery at 8am, and do not have to be in central London until after 11. This could have been perfect time for a lengthy road run, a slow hill session, or some easy miles on the grass but I have told myself that Fridays (along with Tuesdays) are my days off from running and that I will try and stick to that as stringently as possible.

What days do you take off? Do you have structure?


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