Finding the path…

A long run is always a bit of an exploration mission around the streets of North West London. Today, after Parkrun Harrow (1st finisher, 17;56) I set out on a mammoth run, incidentally, the longest I have ever done.

As you can see, the two loops at the beginning of the run are on fields; Harrow School Playing Fields – a favourite of mine – and Northwick Park. Having rounded Harrow School’s frozen sports pitches I headed out on the Capital Ring road and found myself at the corner of Northwick Park.

As I started the long loop around 3 football pitches, open space and hilly areas, I began to notice a faint track appearing under my feet – as if hewn from rock by years of ancient footfall, the path most-trodden by dog-walkers and fellow runners seemed softer, flatter, and faster than the rugged frozen grassy knolls on either side. I think what I gained from this experience is that running is beautiful, running is exciting, running is time to think but, that, in our quest for speed, endurance, power or versatility we often have to find our own path.

Be it through seeking council from more experienced runners, learning from our own mistakes, or by swotting up on the theories and ideas of running’s brightest minds, we must all forge our own path. Around the fields, along the road, towards our goals.


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