Go slow

Tonight I met with James and Stu from my church to run some slow easy fields in the dark, on Harrow Hill. 

I think, having grown up in a VERY competitive family, always playing sport and entering competitions of all types, I have developed a slight inability to just ‘go slow’. Now, it may just be that my comfortable pace (4:50-5:10/km) is a lot faster than the average joe but I have a weird fascination with speed that often makes LSRs into LFRs (long fast runs). 
It was nice, tonight, to run at someone else’s pace – 6:20/km – and to relax almost entirely. Although this slower pace did mean I was breathing easier, and sweating less, the lack of concentrated effort meant that I was much more aware of what my body was doing and how it was reacting to it’s 3rd run in 24hours. Shins kicking up a little fuss – even though  we were running slow laps of soft wet rugby fields, calves tight – probably a hangover from Saturday’s 20-miler and Monday’s NRC Home Run 10km, and my stomach felt full and uneasy – not good. 

Notes to self; rest more, poop more, ice more. 

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