Lost in the dark.

#climatechangeisreal – global warming doesn’t necessarily mean it gets ‘hotter’ everywhere, but it does mean that weather becomes increasingly extreme (cold gets colder, warm gets warmer). I experienced this on my shake-out run this morning…


An hour into my run I decided to take a bridlepath from Harrow Hill towards Greenford: I got lost, my phone ran out of battery, my gps watch had lost satellite connection, my head-torch was useless in the thick fog and I didn’t know where I was going. I got lost on the trail and decided to turn back to a bit I did know, again, I got lost so I decided to eat some flapjack and walk towards the faint sound of cars I could hear across the field. The flapjack mixed with the energy gel I had eaten 20 minutes earlier and caused me to be violently sick. I had stashed my water bottle by a wall before taking the bridleway and so couldn’t get the horrible citrus-gel-flapjack taste out of my mouth. Yuck. By this time the sun had come up a little and my aimless walking had landed me up in an unknown cul-de-sac. I follow the incline upwards towards what I assumed was Harrow Hill.

I am alive. But it was an extremely interesting experience to have at 6:15 on a Wednesday morning. what you been up to? Anything interesting?

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