Buying ‘Gear’ on the cheap!

I love gadgets. Whenever I set myself a new goal; start vlogging, run more miles, get better at guitar, produce better music, I always find myself starting out on the road by investing in some good old gear.

The running community is slightly gear-obsessed. It makes sense, we see our heroes, idols, contemporaries, running further, longer, and faster and we wonder how they got there. For most of us (me included) our first thoughts don’t go to their training, their mindset, or the conditioning training they went through to get there. We wonder about which GPS watch they used, which compression socks they wore, how they chose their ultra-running pack, which shoes suited the terrain best, did they swap gear mid-race, etc.

Now, I love gear as much as the next person – I like everything to be black, slim-fitting, and clean (sometimes without logos altogether), but how many seconds can we ACTUALLY save by paying £200 for the latest stuff vs. finding something suitable that’ll do just as good a job without breaking the bank.

If you have been following my journey/twitter for a while you’ll know that I am a big advocate of thrift stores (or charity shops if you’re non-yank) and the hidden treasures they sometimes hold inside their often-overlooked doors. Here is a current rundown of my regular gear and it’s origin… you’ll see that most, if not all of it is from 2nd-hand shops, or from eBay-type establishments…


  1. Nike LunarEpic Flyknit – Birthday present, bought from eBay (New).
  2. Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 – eBay (As new, tried on and rejected by seller).
  3. Nike Free 2.0 – Footlocker sale.


  1. H&M Run Shorts – H&M Sale
  2. Nike Cushioned Anti-blister compression socks – Christmas present from parents/siblings.
  3. Nike Pro under armour (multiple) – All from local charity shops, all under £5 each.
  4. Nike Shield running jacket – Scope Harrow, £4.50.
  5. Technical tshirts (multiple) – Free from races (2), 2nd hand on eBay (4), all under £10.
  6. Berghaus Snood/buff – rescued from Mum’s ‘to-the-charity-shops’ pile, originally my brothers.
  7. H&M Race kit (Split side shorts and race tshirt) – Christmas present from wife.
  8. Nike Pro Combat under armour shorts – eBay, £6.


  1. Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS/HR Watch – Christmas gift from Mum.
  2. Inov8 Race Ultra 5 Pack – eBay, haggled down to £45+pp.
  3. Halo Reach 1L Army Flask – Free gift from game launch event.
  4. Karrimor Hydra-lite 7 Belt – Local charity shop, £2.50. My latest purchase, so happy!

All this gear gets used on a regular basis, and none of it, apart from the shoes cost more that £50! Proof that gear doesn’t have to break the bank to help you break your PB! If you would like help finding a specific product or brand for your ongoing running adventures, I’d love to help. I do a regular sweep of the high-footfall areas in London and have always found useable/exciting running gear, I can keep my eyes open for you. I am, and have been for a while now, VERY good at finding a bargain. What are you looking for?


EDIT: I am currently in the market for a all-black waterproof running jacket that’d be easy to stuff into a pack, I’ll keep you updated on my search progress.


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