An interesting Inov8-tion

Sometimes, when I sit down to write this blog I feel like Dr. Watson just settling in to trap us in the ever-exciting world of Sherlock Holmes and his many adventures. But, to be honest, I mostly feel stiff, achy, and anxious about whatever workout is coming next.

Right, with one eye on December’s FKT attempt, and another on my trail-running ambitions, I started researching my backpack options at the beginning of January. My original options were Karrimor (one of which I own now, via a charity shop) and The North Face Enduro Flight 13 (saw on eBay and could never win!) but I finally settled on the Inov8 Race Ultra 5 Pack.

inov8-race-ultra-10-full-on-groundAs soon as it arrived I knew I had to take it out for a test-drive, test-run? test. Initially, I thought it was too small (I grabbed a M/L pack for £45 on eBay) but upon reflection the fit was just right, and I assume I’ll become slimmer as my marathon, and ultramarathon, training ramps up over the summer so, all good on that front.

I loaded it up with all the snacks and drinks I would normally need on a longer run and got moving. I got 4 miles in on the trails before it started to rain hard and I was extremely impressed with the Race Ultra 5’s space, ease of use and adaptability. I will keep you posted on my progress with it, but with the RU5 and the Karrimor I’m in pretty good shape for Lakeland Four Passes, and for The Capital Ring in December.

Right – rest day tomorrow.

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