Parkrun and more…

So, Aldenham Park Parkrun is muddy. It’s basically 1/3 road, 1/3 kept trail, and 2/3 muddy cross country path… what? I don’t know what you’re talking about. 4/3? Anyway, I went out fast and tried to maintain the pace for as long as possible (this turned out to be 4km into the 5km run). I had done a bit of research and was sure that I would be around 1 minute slower than my usual road pace, at the trail-heavy Aldenham course so a finish of 18:44 wasn’t too surprising. 

Post-run, I was excited to change into fresh socks and road shoes for the 10km run home. Just as I laced them up, it started to rain – mum asked if I was seriously going to run home in this weather, but there was no question, I had decided. I strapped on my Race Vest and set off. 

15.7km into the 10km run home and I was extremely happy to see the top of my road – something I had been longing for since I decided to negative-split (sort of) my run home. 

Shoes were perfect. 

Socks were perfect. 

Gels were perfect. 

And, I wore my Dextro Energy branded hat, and tshirt – free from Dextro who are supporting me this year on my FKT hunt and progressive efforts towards that attempt in December. 
Happy little running man. 

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