The art of listening to your body…

I love my training plan. I like to stick to it because I know that when my coach, or whichever app I’m following at that point, set that plan out for me they had my future, my times, and my goals in mind. 

I have never really been one to take time off – 2 jobs, 1 kid, 1 pregnant wife, 3 music projects, 1 content creation freelancing career, 7 bands, and a partridge in a pear tree – but today I feel I made a breakthrough. I ran to Parkrun, as usual, and did two loops of the park to warm up (I have never done this before but I was feeling particularly rough today) and set myself up on the start line of Parkrun Harrow. 

I will do a piece on my Parkrun journey soon but I am currently up to 17:23. 

After hammering myself into the ground over the last few weeks I was expecting to race the hill 10km and then take a week off but I cannot bring myself to sit and do nothing – anyways – I start the run, 1st km in 3:23, shins start flaring up a little, 2nd km in 3:22, legs feeling rough/like I’m being stabbed in the shin, etc. This painful sensation escalated until 4km where it died down (probably due to adrenaline and fatigue) but it was a clear sign that I have been overtraining, and have maybe running too many miles on the roads. 

I had planned to destroy myself on Parkrun and then do a LSR on roads/trails to recover (and also to track a small section of the South Kenton Capital Ring route) but after the pain of Parkrun I gave myself the rest of the morning off. 

When people say “listen to your body” my skeptical millennial brain marks it as new-age yoga nonsense and gets on with whatever I was doing in the first place, but what today taught me is that listening to your body may been annoying and unhelpful in the short-term but it’ll allow sufficient rest to happen, it’ll mean more time to think/plan/work and it’ll make for an overall happier Mick. 

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