Dirt & Vert

Turns out, my favourite trail/muddy run route – which I thought had a lot of vertical on it – has barely any +/- difference..

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 09.16.46.png

This route is great. An easy run out of my road, past the station (today I actually did the green leaf hill too) and up Peterborough Road to the school. I run past the two rugby pitches and onto the farm road (it goes grey on the above map – bottom right-ish) which goes up hill to the golf course (bottom middle) and then past Newlands Wood (the sight of my favourite trail of all time, which has new been cordoned off) which has more +/- and back to the school. I added in the little loop of Football Lane – Peterborough Road Reverse – Garlands Lane in order to add more vertical (centre picture) but it basically amounted to nothing. Have I become numb to the pain that vert causes? Or, more likely, did I not push myself hard enough?

325m of vert. Topping out at 110m, bottoming out at 54m. Need to find somewhere local with a big mountain, and some mud. *thinking face*. Any suggestions?

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