What are your bucket list races?

I watched an ancient Ginger Runner episode today. He crossed the New York Marathon off his bucket list – ran it with his then girlfriend and documented the entire ordeal. It got me thinking, what races/experiences would make it onto my bucket list. I want to start a list, and then continue to update it as I go along… right, here we go…

Bucket List Races

  1. Western States 100 Mile Endurance Runphoto-17-meghan-m-hicksirunfar-com-photo-credit
  2. Ultra-trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB)
  3. Courmayeur Champex Chamonix (CCC)

  4. London Marathonlondon-marathon-photo
  5. Boston Marathon
  6. New York Marathon
  7. Tokyo Marathontokyo-generic-main
  8. Los Angeles Marathon
  9. Berlin Marathon
  10. Venice Marathon1292
  11. Isle Of Wight Challenge
  12. South Downs Way Ultra
  13. North Downs Way Ultratwn1wvcpss7y9iznem4t
  14. The Barkley Fall Classic
  15. The Barkley Marathons
  16. Thames Path 100
  17. Lakeland 100
  18. The Wall

Bucket List Experiences

  1. The Capital Ring0146348_coverage_9781781313374_capitalring_au_cov
  2. Bob Graham Round
  3. The Speed Project1-bi4ktb1p69jjbvj6joxt1g
  4. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay
  5. Central Park Lap
  6. Nice to Cannes Seafrontopio5
  7. Monaco Harbour

I am sure that these lists will grow as I start to discover what is possible, and doable, but this is a good start. What are your bucket list races?

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