Strava Segments

I made my first Strava Segment the other day.

I listened to the Marathon Talk podcast, (or was it Bad Boy Running Podcast?) where they spoke about ‘winning’ segments and immediately set out to run a really tough segment by house – an almost-vertical hill ascent that I’ve been 3rd on for a while. I didn’t get it but I did spark my interest in actually hunting down segments and seeing how fast I can go on sections of my local road routes.

What I found, mostly, is that people have either cheated the system by biking road roads, or that people’s times were so massively fast that it must’ve been a glitch. So, I set out to ‘create’ a segment that could never be done faster on a bicycle, and that not many people would ever run – thereby maintaining my top positioning for longer.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 16.27.49

I ran this loop seven times. It’s basically the old Harrow School Cross Country course, with some slight changes (there was a case of Japanese Knotweed that closed off the best section of the trail) that meant you no longer went through Newlands Wood (bottom). I set the segment up yesterday and plan to run it multiple times over the next week before I taper for the Rivington 10 Mile Trail Challenge on April 9th.

What is your favourite Strava segment? Have you ever gotten that painful email telling you someone has knocked you off the top?

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