10-Week Training Plan – HH42 / Week 1

So.. I’ve set out a ten week plan (the last 10 weeks of a 20 week plan to get someone from 50km to 50mile – http://www.trailrunevents.com/ul/schedule-50m.asp) and have now completed 1 week of training. I have a plan, sort of. 1 easy week, 2 harder weeks, for 8 weeks – and then 1.5 weeks of taper before two days rest, and then the longest race of my entire life. Holcombe Howler 42.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 07.28.27.png

Mondays will always be an easy 4 miles – I will try and run all of these on trails, with a little bit of vertical gain to keep my legs working, even on an ‘easier’ day.

Tuesdays will be slightly longer – I will again treat these as ‘easier’ intensity runs, for the remaining 9 weeks, this session will differ in distance (gradually ramping up from 4 to 12 on peak weeks.

Wednesdays will be a day off – I will try and remain active; walking, lifting, etc, and may even put some gym strength sessions in later on in the plan.

Thursdays will always be 6 miles – I will try and run these as sandwich sessions – 2 miles easy, 2 miles fartlek, 2 miles easy.

Fridays will be easy recovery miles – again, I will always try and do these runs on trails, with a little bit of vertical gain to keep my legs working.

Saturdays will be longer runs – ranging from 10 miles to 28 during peak weeks.

Sundays will be days off – a proper day off – although, I spend most of my time on a Sunday playing guitar, drums, singing and organising music at work – not REALLY a rest day, but a day off from running.

So, starting on Easter Monday, I took my first real steps towards Holcombe Howler completion. Starting with a shorter/easier week made life easier – I have been averaging 20-25 miles per week recently so a 30 mile week was appropriate for my first week of HH42 training.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 07.52.30.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-23 at 07.52.49.png

I do the majority of my mileage on grass/trails and have found a pretty good 1.5 mile loop around Harrow hill that works nicely for elevation and speed training (HHXC Lap 2 Segment) but I do also need to get in some road miles for point-to-points, and out and backs. I understand that if I run just HHXC Lap 2 for the entirety of my training, I will learn how to run that route easily, but will not do a great job of training myself for change management, tricky trails and worse elevation.

Plus, I need to learn to navigate.

Oh yeah, it’s London Marathon day today – good luck to everyone running – I’ll try and keep up with you guys online but I’m more concerned about Arsenal’s battle with Man City in the 2nd FA Cup Semi-Final!



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