Holcombe Howler 42: CANCELLED!

We are gutted to be looking at pulling the Holcombe Howler due to only having 30 runners, especially after putting many hours and a lot of money into it however, without the numbers on the start line, our hand is kind of forced due to costs of the event. However, we do have 2 successful events most Holcombe Howler entrants have transferred to! 


The race I have been training for, living for, prepairing for, has been cancelled due to a lack of uptake. They needed 100-150 runners minimum to make the event viable but only got 30 runners signed up – a lot less than 100. 

Options – run the Three Towers race (30miles-ish) or a Mara+Mara in March, get a full refund, run the route anyways without the timings/medal/tshirt/organisation, get entry guaranteed for next year’s event. 

I took the refund and plan to use the cash to enter the Stort30 in October – UK Trail Running Championships – but I may try and do a big mountain run on July 1st to make use of my training and not waste this accrued fitness. 

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