Been away for a while

So, it’s been a while. Here follows a short update on all life/running/work/family developments that will affect FKT planning, race prep, and ongoing running endeavours.

Right. If the below is TLDR, just read this…

Life has been crazy since I last updated this blog.

– Had a new baby!

– Started a new job and am now run-commuting back from White City.

– Major housing and living developments.

– Hollie is on Maternity leave.

– Luca is starting nursery again soon!

– Started a digital creator network.

  • Signed my first client.
  • Hired my first employee.

– Have had 4 months of less than 20mpw.

– Have retired 2 pairs of trainers and am now in the market for a new pair.

Had a new baby – Ezra Callum Michael Warwick was born on August 9th 2017. Hollie’s experience with birth #1 wasn’t exactly smooth, but this time around we knew what to expect, we met everyone beforehand, we had a set time and date and plan and we stuck to it. The kid was born, and life goes on – healthy and chilled.

Started a new job – I am now a Genius. I took a role at Apple White City working as part of the technical team; I feel slightly guilty in that my previous experience doesn’t really warrant me waltzing straight into that role but it’s a big step for me and I’m excited to see it develop. What it does mean is that I can run-commute the 8.4 Miles from White City to Harrow down the Grand Union Canal. Yes, it’s pavement. Yes, my shins are feeling it. No, I haven’t run the route without walking yet. Soon I’ll be back to fitness and will be running the 1hr20min route in under 60mins.

Major housing and living arrangements – We currently rent from a private letter who, 7 days after Ezra’s birth, let us know that we will need to move out around Christmas. This means we have choices but are seriously considering upping sticks and moving north for good; you guys know that I’ve wanted to move up north and make the mountains my home, build a life in the hills and commit to the Lake District as my endurance playground. We’ll see, nothing confirmed yet.

Hollie is on maternity leave – with my working 3 jobs and trying to run a business at the same time, Hollie is now the stay-at-home parent – she gets bored easily, is sans her hometown friends and is definitely going to be taking advantage of Luca’s ongoing nursery attendance. Rest and destress.

Started a digital creator network – So, when I left WME 2 years ago, I had built this knowledge base, and a growing passion for the world of digital creators, YouTubers, bloggers and the like. This summer I took the jump and started working with creators (1 officially) on their content and their developing deals. Munch Club TV (presented by Nashy) has been a breathe of fresh air in my life – I get to shoot, edit, direct, and manage some of the most energetic and exciting content on YouTube and am loving the challenges that it brings. Oh, and I ‘hired’ an editor, Heather.

Right… running.

I have had 3/4 months off. Pre-baby taper + Post-baby madness means my Strava has been neglected, my watch ran it’s battery all the way down, my shoes gathered dust and my legs lost their ability to move without creaking or popping. Run-commuting will be super-helpful in moving back to 50/60mile weeks, as will WTR hills, Saturday long runs, XC season and Hollie visiting her mum over the next few months. When the wife is away, the athlete husband will run all day. Right?

Oh. And both my LunarEpics and my Terra Kigers are in their adulthood. 400miles on the LunarEpics, and around 350miles on the TK’s. I’m looking at Hoka’s for the road, and some Wildhorse’s for the Trails, with the addition of some Mayfly’s for the track/race scene.

So, it’s all going off. And I’m in the market for some new shoes. Let’s go!



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