That feeling.

You know that feeling where you’re flying along, just out of the achy-legs-just-getting-going feeling, and before the hope-I-don’t-blow-up-because-I’m-miles-from-home feeling? That feeling where every step is light and easy. That feeling where you’re skilfully navigating a path through sandy brush grass, around thick thistles and along winding gritty trail paths, thinking on your feet but not going so fast that you can’t enjoy yourself. That feeling where the music you’re listening to matches perfectly with your surroundings and your steps and your breathing and forces you to run free, arms outstretched, smile on your face, eyes closed, taking the breeze into your lungs and breathing out pure joy. That feeling where you find a toilet to use at the perfect point during your run, you refuel perfectly and you consume the precise amount of water you require. That feeling where nothing can stop you. That feeling where high-giving a stranger wouldn’t be weird.

That feeling.

That is how I felt on today’s long run.

Sand dunes with dusty trails, beach miles with crazy dogs and friendly locals, the perfect run for a newly-northern’d man with a love of trails.


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