Lost In The Fog

Running is how I clear my head.

Today, after a morning of fun with my two boys, I headed out from my new home in Lytham, to Windemere. I was praying for a break in the mist and a passing of the rain so that I could explore the top of Orrest Head and beyond on a Level 1 Trail Run I found detailed and mapped-out in a book about great walks/runs in the Lake District.

I arrived, found somewhere to park, and suited up. I always feel a little like Iron Man, or Aragorn or something when I’m putting my vest on, making sure I’ve run a checklist and re-checked my essentials (water, phone, map) twice. I headed out up the trail and landed myself in a world of trouble.

In order to clear the last 4 weeks of pain and suffering from my brain (details potentially to follow in later days) I wanted to run for 2-3 hours on some nice easy trails, catch some air, and unplug from the world. I have already deleted all my social media, forcing me to write something meaningful, live more intentionally, and build a life I am proud of, not just a big social media following, but I have been going through some madness recently and wanted to take the afternoon to refresh and recalibrate and rebuild my mind.

I got to the top of Orrest Head and looked out over the rolling hills and beautiful little towns all around me… wait, there was none. It was 5m visibility and thick fog beyond that. I consulted my map, and my map book, and my .gpx file but, alas, no joy. I ran around the top of Orrest Head looking for “the SA trail” but had no luck. I picked a mud road, headed down it and came to a boggy field – fell over twice, and then decided that I didn’t want to be the Dad of 2 who slipped, hit his head, and died in the fog because he was too proud to call it a day when he was lost and uncertain on a run he had been looking forward to all day.

I headed to the Mountain Goat centre to ask their staff about where I should have headed, but they didn’t know either! I will return, I will complete, I will write it up. Let’s go.



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