Mick Warwick is a musician, content creator and a father who loves to run.

Growing up I swapped football for athletics, swapped athletics for the stage, and swapped everything for beer!

In early 2016, at the age of 25, I discovered Parkrun and my life changed; I remembered the beauty of the pre-race prep and jitters, the urge to get faster, the feeling of training hard, and the joy that comes with reaching your goals. I set out to break 20mins, and then to break 18minutes, and then to be a first finisher, and it all snowballed into a life-changing re-commitment to my running, to fitness, and to increasing my distances.

In December 2016, I discovered the concept of ultramarathons (longer than the conventional 26.2mile marathon distance) and I was instantly hooked on the idea of being able to run longer, harder, faster, and smarter on courses where you are not necessarily racing against other competitors, but against fatigue, and the course, facing on-the-fly nutrition/sleep decisions that could make or break your race, and being forced to navigate as well as run fast!

So, I set myself some goals – 5km PB, meet some like-minded people, do a marathon, run on trails, and set an FKT (check my schedule to see upcoming races). This blog is a tracker of my progress, failures, successes and all the madness in-between. Ready? Go.

Personal Bests (as of 26th Jan 2017)
– 1mile – 4:35
– 5km – 17:23
– 10km – 37:59
– Half Marathon – 1:37:59