Gear & Sponsors


Dextro Energy (hat, t-shirt), H&M (shorts), Garmin (watch), Nike (shorts, socks).

I am not currently a sponsored athlete, a professional runner, or a paid-to-advertise content creator but, I do have some preferences for equipment, nutrition, shoes and clothes. Here are my current favourites, most-used, and plans for the future. I do love the fit and style of Nike running gear, and the taste of Dextro Energy, NurishmentActiv and MaxiNutrition but I am always open to trying new gear, ideas, and products.


  1. Nike LunarEpic Flyknit – These are my go-to road shoes; sleek, comfortable and beautifully made, they have great cushioning, and are extremely light.
  2. Nike Zoom Terra Kiger 3 – I only got these recently; they have racked up the least miles but are my current favourites; perfect for muddy trails.


I love the fit and style of Nike Running clothing and shoes but I started out by running solely in H&M’s Sportswear collection – I loved the way it felt, and the fact that it wasn’t covered in logos and slogans like a lot of other sportswear brands.


I am currently using Dextro Energy (I am working as an unofficial brand ambassador for them, and their products, in my lead up to #MWTCR in December 2017) tablets for pre-run glucose/dextrose input, and Dextro Energy Electrolyte Drink Mix for pre/mid-race carbohydrate replacement. I love MaxiNutrition Fuelmax Gels for mid-run fueling, and NurishmentActiv Shakes and MaxiNutrition Lean Protein Mix for post-run recovery. Again, although these are my favourites, I do not receive any official sponsorship from these companies.